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Heroku db pull unable to fetch database information

Heroku has some wonderful tools to make your life easier. One of them is the ability to pull and push content from heroku database. More info here.

Most of the times, this works very well and I don't encounter any issues, but recently I was trying to use heroku db:pull and got the following:

Receiving schema
Unable to fetch tables information from http://heroku:osui37b24pm74x@taps19.heroku.com. Please check the server log.

My heroku log did not return anything that might give an idea as to what was going on.

Turns out that heroku db:pull, heroku db:push and similar commands don't play well with Ruby 1.9.3 which is the version I was using.

The solution is just to use rvm to install a version of Ruby 1.8.7 and then create a gemset that you can use for Heroku whenever you need it. There you would need to install the heroku, taps and sqlite3 gems. After that you can try again and it should work.