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Automatic build process for Android development

After much googling and a couple StackOverflow questions(1, 2) I've decided to use Ant instead of Maven for my automatic build process. The reasons are many: Maven forcing conventions and making it a pain to override them, the fact that Ant support is pretty much build into the Android SDK, etc.

I am aware that XML is definitely not the best tool for this kind of job since it is way to verbose, but I'll take what I can get. Ideally I would use something like Rake which is what I use for my C# build process, but I couldn't find anything online regarding how to go about it for Android. I only found a project kind of as a "proof of concept" on GitHub about a guy using Rake to build Android, but his last commit was a couple of years ago. I thought about going at it, but decided I would probably take a while to figure it out and instead I should use the tool that would make my job easier and focus on adding value to my product.

So... Ant it is. At least for now.

It was pretty simple. Here are some good links I found useful: