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How to Install an APK file on an Android device

I'm posting this because I find myself having to explain to clients how to install APK files on their Android devices. Instead of writing the directions each time or having to direct them to somebody else's site I'd rather just provide the link for this post.

APK means Android Package. It is a variation of the frequently used for JAVA libraries JAR format and it is how Android applications are distributed. To install it do the following:

**1. **Copy the APK file to the device's memory card. Here are two ways to do that:

  • Use a card reader to read/write to the card from the computer.
  • Plug the Android device to the computer via USB and when you get the "USB connected" notification in topmost bar click on "Mount". Then the card would accessible from the computer.

2. In your device's menu go to Settings –> ***Applications* ** and make sure the option **Unknown Sources **is enabled*. This will allow you to install applications on your device that are not coming from the Android Market.

**3. **With an active data connection open the "Android Market" in the device. Search for and download the "Apps Installer" application or any other of the many applications that serve the same purpose (z-App Installer, Fast Installer, etc.).

**4. **Open the installer application and use it to explore the sdcard's contents to find the location where you saved the APK and select to install it.

**5. **After the installation is complete you should find the application in your device's menu just like any other. Just find it and open it!